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(VIDEO) How to determine your property boundary for Fencing and Retaining Walls in Adelaide

Posted By Active Fencing and Retaining  
12:00 PM

How to determine your property boundary for Fencing and Retaining Walls in Adelaide

To determine your exact boundary you will need to engage a licenced surveyor to mark out boundaries and install pins. When the surveyors attend site, they will install a combination of timber and metal pins into your land. 

Key Steps to Determine your Boundary for new Fencing in Adelaide or new Retaining Walls in Adelaide

  1. Engage a licenced Land Surveyor in Adelaide
  2. Establish where the timber pegs are
  3. Look for the metal pins banged directly in and deep into the ground
  4. Check plans for offsets (if required)

If it is just replacing an old fence in between two existing homes 99%  of people will not use a surveyor, only when it's a new build and the surveyor has already been out to site.

The below video (2:56) explains how to identify your boundary if a licenced surveyor has attended site

How much does a licenced surveyor usually charge in Adelaide?

Generally between $600-900, depending on the level of work and background research into looking up the allotment plans.

With your new homes or land usually a licenced surveyor would have already installed all these pins, if not best to ring them and ask them to install the pegs. 

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