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Retaining Wall FAQ's

Do I need council approval for my Retaining Wall in Adelaide?

Generally Retaining Walls up to 1000mm in height do not need council approval. If the Retaining Wall exceeds 1000mm in height then yes you will need council approval.


How long does it take to build a Retaining Wall in Adelaide?

This all depends on site access, the height of the Retaining Wall, the length of the Retaining Wall and any other on site complexities. In general, anywhere from 1-2 weeks on average. However, ask your estimator when we are quoting your Retaining Wall project for a better time frame.


What is the process with my neighbours?

If the Retaining Wall is sharing the boundary, then you will 100% need to notify the neighbours. If you are seeking them to contribute to costs for your new Retaining Wall then this needs to be agreed upon, usually in writing, prior to having any works started.

A great legal resource is
This is the S.A. Law Handbook which includes laws governing Retaining Walls in Adelaide, S.A.


What are the most popular choices for Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls in Adelaide?

There are 5 great options for Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls in Adelaide! The most popular is the plain grey cement coloured concrete sleeper. When clients are wanting a decorative and patterned sleeper we have great looking options to cover all the different landscapes around Adelaide! These Retaining Wall sleepers are manufactured right here in Adelaide too!


When is the best time to install a Retaining Wall in Adelaide?

We build long lasting Retaining Walls around Adelaide literally all year round! Sometimes during the winter months the actual installation may take a little longer, but we still achieve fantastic results all year round.

If you are building a new home in Adelaide a need a Retaining Wall, we can guide you or your builder can guide you as to whether to install your Retaining Wall before the foundation goes down, just after the foundation goes down or right at the end of your building project.