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I want to order my new fence, what is the process and what do I do?

This is an easy process. Simply pick up the phone and one of our friendly consultants will be out at your property promptly. We will measure everything as well as discuss any design queries you may have. A quote will usually be emailed, or sent out in the mail within 7 days after the site visit.

Does Active Fencing and Retaining build fences and retaining walls for commercial and industrial properties?

Yes. We are licensed and insured with white cards to undertake work on commercial and industrial properties. We generally work closely with the project manager or owner. We aim to keep disruptions to a minimum with the occupants of the business.

How long does it take to install a new fence or retaining wall?

Small fencing jobs can be finished within one or two days. The average fencing job takes four days to complete. Larger fencing jobs can take five plus days, depending on complexity. Retaining Walls are similar to fencing and can range from two to five days, again depending on the complexity of the project.

How are the quotes figured out?

All of our quotations take into consideration the style of fence or retaining wall required, materials and labour. We do not charge an hourly rate on our projects but a fixed price which usually incorporates a deposit of 30%.

What type of materials do you use?

Active Fencing and Retaining only use and recommend Australian products and materials. We align ourselves with only the most reputable and creditable Australian Owned Manufacturers and all the steel we use is Australian Made Bluescope steel. All our products we use are specifically designed and built for the Australian weather and climate. Our Pool Fencing products all come stamped and exceed Australian Standards. Our concrete is only manufactured locally, whether it is mixed on site in a concrete mixer, or delivered by a reputable concrete trucking company.

How high can my Fence and / or Retaining wall be legally without council approval?

Fencing can be built up to 2100 high without the need for council approval. Brick and masonry fencing can be built up to 1m in height, depending on local council. Retaining Walls can be built up to 1m in height. Retaining Walls over 1m in height need council approval and an engineer.

We want a Fence and Retaining Wall, how long do we have to wait?

Generally, we have a lead time of 4-5 weeks for commencement of fencing and retaining wall projects from the acceptance of the quotation.

Ok, now is your company Licensed and Insured?

Yes, of course. Our Builders License Number is BLD 288794

We have Public Liability Insurance covered for $10,000,000

You can search and verify our license at

Does Active Fencing and Retaining clean up the site and dispose of materials?

Yes. All old fencing materials, off cuts and debris are stacked neatly during the demolition process and during installation of the new fence. Usually the old materials are collected immediately after the demolition and occasionally are collected and disposed off at the end of the job. We guarantee your site will be left in a neat and tidy manner, during and after the work is complete. At the end of each day tools and materials will be either placed neatly in a corner or taken off site completely.

I want to know more about Frameless and Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing.

We are licensed and certified to install all types of Pool Fencing, including the ever so popular Frameless and Semi Frameless Glass. Our frameless and semi frameless pool fencing exceeds AS1926.1-2007 and AS2208.

What are the differences between the two? 

A Fully Frameless fence is a fully cantilevered fence. There are only two small stainless steel spigots or mini posts that are drilled or concreted into the ground. The fully frameless panel is suspended and there are no posts in between them, which is absolutely the best look because there’s no impinged feel. The view is not in any way affected because it’s seen as one clear view.

Semi Frameless is supported by aluminum powder coated or maybe stainless steel posts. These are full length high (1200mm) and each post will support each panel.

So it does still provide you that see-through glass look but you will have an upright post every 1000mm to 1200mm and there is a difference in price because the glass is thinner and the aluminum is cheaper than the stainless steel.

What exactly is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure built to retain a difference in ground level. While a retaining wall can serve as the footing for a fence, the wall itself is not considered to be a fence and is covered by different laws. For information about fences and retaining walls please visit

What payment options does Active Fencing and Retaining accept?

We accept direct deposit, personal cheque, bank cheque and cash.

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