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Concrete Sleepers over 1.0m

Retaining Walls Adelaide over 1.0m in Height

Active Fencing and Retaining specialise in building Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls over 1.0m in Height. We specialise in Concrete Sleepers with Heavy Duty Steel Beams any height.

We are aligned ourselves with Adelaide's best Steel Merchants and Concrete Sleeper Manufacturers. We build our walls to exceed all engineering specifications and we give a 10 Year Warranty on all work. We can weld and attach Fencing to your Retaining Walls - saving your time, space in your land and money. 

We build Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls for New Homes and existing Replacements. The Steel Beams we use are typically Galvanised (prevent rust and corrosion) or Painted in a Kill Rust Paint. 

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Retaining Walls over 1.0m height require:

  • A wealth of experience and a solid, confident team
  • A trust worthy company with a network of engineers and experience with council approvals
  • A modern fleet of equipment including excavators and mini loaders to drill holes and move earth
  • Substantial Deep Concrete Footings 20MPA so walls do not lean
  • Heavy Duty Structural Steel 
  • Adequate drainage systems
  • Engineered Concrete Sleepers 40MPA
  • A Builders Licence for Wall Building over 1.0m and insurance