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(VIDEO) How long does it take to install a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall in Adelaide?

Posted By Active Fencing and Retaining  
11:00 AM

How long does it take to install a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall in Adelaide?

For a Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall, to be supplied and built around Adelaide with Active Fencing and Retaining Walls depends on the complexity of your project. A few things to take into consideration are;

  1. How many meters long is the Retaining Wall
  2. How high is the Retaining Wall
  3. Is there demolition work involved
  4. The overall complexity
  5. Accessibility for equipment and materials
The below video (1:39) explains how long it takes to install a Retaining Wall in Adelaide

Approximate Timeframe to get a Retaining Wall in Adelaide installed
  1. Smaller Retaining Wall projects approximately 3-4 days
  2. Medium Size Retaining Wall projects approximately 1-2 weeks
  3. Larger and more complex Retaining Wall projects approximately 2-4 weeks

What we love about what we do is that every project is sightly different with it's own unique set of site challenges. Adelaide Retaining Wall sites are usually sloping to some degree and whether we are building for your new home or replacing an existing wall timeframes can vary.

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Our onsite estimator and manager can give you a much better idea of timeframes after they have assessed your site.

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