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(VIDEO) What are Concrete Under Fence Plinths for Good Neighbour Fencing?

Posted By Active Fencing and Retaining  
13:00 PM

Concrete Plinths for Good Neighbour Fencing

Under Fence Plinths are great for your Good Neighbour Fence to hold back the soil at the bottom of your
fencing. Installing the plinths takes a little time and requirements/standards must be met. Plinths are fantastic and a very popular choice for many Colorbond Fencing projects in Adelaide.


The below video (1:40) guides your through what are Concrete Under Fence Plinths for Good Neighbour Fencing in Adelaide

Installing the Concrete Under Fence Plinths 
  1. Installing under fence concrete plinths requires 2 people and they are installed under the bottom of the Good Neighbour Fencing
  2. You need to slot one end in first and then the other
  3. The Plinths are usually sat on some cement or packers
  4. After the Plinths are installed we slide the bottom of the good neighbour rail and secure the bottom rail with coloured tek screws
  5. Lastly we install the Sheeting above the Concrete Plinth

How high of soil are the Plinths able to hold?

We recommend no more then 400mm high (2 rows high) to hold back light weight amounts of soil. Generally we can use a combination of 200mm and 400mm high (1-2 rows). Sometimes we may suggest using a more structural 65mm Post in between each Good Neighbour Panel of Fencing for added strength.

Standard Sizes for Concrete Under Fence Plinths

Lonsdale UFP Standard - 2340mm Long x 200mm High x 50mm Thick

Lonsdale UFP Crib - 2340mm Long x 100mm High x 50mm Thick

Heavy Duty UFP - 2355mm Long x 200mm High x 65mm Thick


If we have shorter panels, we can use a concrete petrol saw on site to be able to cut these down to length.

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