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(VIDEO) Colorbond Fencing in Adelaide Pricing

Posted By Active Fencing and Retaining  
13:00 PM

Colorbond Fencing in Adelaide Pricing

Genuine Colorbond is a fantastic way to increase the value, privacy and security for your home in Adelaide. Various factors can influence to costing to a properly built Colorbond Fence in Adelaide.

The below video (1:40) guides you through approximate pricing for Colorbond Fencing in Adelaide

If your property is easy to access and the wall is a smaller type project for us the initial price is around
$80-$100 per lineal metre. This is fully supplied (all materials including concrete) and installed with a 10 Year Workmanship Guarantee.

If your property and project  is complex it could cost up to $120 per lineal metre.

We don’t generally on a set "per metre rate" however we provide fixed price quotes on a quote on a project by project basis.

Each Fencing in Adelaide project has different complexity such as height, length, access, ground conditions and obstructions.

Colorbond Fencing is becoming so popular in Adelaide and we don’t realize when it comes to choosing a
fence, it is not just about how great the fence looks, but also how well it does the job offering privacy and security and of course longevity.

Generally Good Neighbour Fencing and Post and Rail Fencing is around the same price. Again, depending on your project. We offer free quotes for Fencing in Adelaide for home owners just like you.

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