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Concrete Sleepers

Retaining Walls Adelaide

Active Fencing and Retaining specialise in building Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls. Retaining Walls are our core business and we have built thousands of metres of Retaining Walls from all over Adelaide.

We are Licensed and Insured to build your Retaining Walls up to any height

We build our walls to exceed all engineering specifications and we give a 10 Year Warranty on all work.

Whether you would like a basic concrete sleeper wall, purely to retain land between adjoining properties, or you would like a decorative sleeper wall that will be the envy of your neighbours, we can do them all. Please note, we can build your walls up to and over 1 metre in height. Walls in excess of 1 metre need council approval as well as a specific engineers report for your property.

Our concrete sleepers we use are Australian made with Australian made reinforcing steel rods. Typical sizes are 2000L and 2400L x 200H. The Steel Beams we use are typically Galvanised (prevent rust and corrosion) or Painted in a Kill Rust Paint. 

Our clients love the fact on how deep we drill our holes and how much concrete we use in the foundations of our Retaining Walls - ensuring our walls stay straight for a lifetime

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