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Concrete Sleepers

Retaining Walls Adelaide


Active Fencing and Retaining are experts when it comes to building Retaining Walls. A properly build concrete sleeper retaining wall will last a lifetime. Not only do they look fantastic when built well, but are designed to withstand the Australian climate and conditions.


Whether you would like a basic concrete sleeper wall, purely to retain land between adjoining properties, or you would like a decorative stone wall that will be the envy of your neighbours, we can do them all. Please note, we can build your walls up to 1 metre in height. Walls in excess of 1 metre need council approval as well as a specific engineers report for your property.


Our concrete sleepers we use are Australian made with Australian made reinforcing steel rods. Typical sizes are 2000L and 2400L x 200H and 80W or 100W.


The I Beams and C channels we use to build these structures are able to be galvanised and we can also get these powdercoated in a high quality finish to match your new wall. 


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